About Caterina Cibotari

I love to create with my hands, my heart and my visual instinct. My jewelry and accessory construction methods are self taught. I adore the intricate detail and finding harmony and balance with the materials I choose as I make each piece. I specialize in custom-made jewelry and accessories for weddings and special occasions. Each piece I create is carefully handcrafted, with meticulous attention to detail, to ensure originality and classic one-offs.  I have great fun learning new things and trying out new techniques, seeing how to adapt them into my work process, and how to make my wedding apparel and accessories even more unique. I believe that an accessory is not just a detail, it’s a masterpiece that defines the elegance and one-of-a-kind style of it’s owner. Be a part of someone wedding day is just absolutely amazing, it is so special... and I love what I do.